Dr. Esther Talboom

My dream? To democratize healthcare. TWIHC is empowering people to arrange their own healthcare themselves using digital technologies. From diagnostics and prioritization, to lifestyle coaching and medication. That’s how we are rapidly becoming the of healthcare. What gives me energy? Doing nice things with nice people!

Dr. Sanne van Delft

I like simple solutions that have a big impact. That’s exactly what TWIHC is working on. Such as enabling care recipients to arrange their own care. This promotes self-management and relieves the care system. We provide guidance for care recipients and give care professionals the time and space they need to do their job again.

Dr. Maaike de Vries

I’m seeing a shift away from ‘care’ and towards ‘health’ - and TWIHC is helping to make that a reality. Health is something that is very close to my heart. Lifestyle, self-management and smart care are essential. But we need disruptive innovation to make it work. TWIHC is bringing this about and it’s very inspiring.

Dr. Maarten Kok

At TWIHC, I’m working on innovations that will make life easier for people in the field of health and disease. Some of these solutions are really very simple - completely logical but so obvious that nobody had thought of trying them before. I work in laboratories and data. In the DataLab, my work becomes a game.

Dr. Pascale Schure

Whenever I see my fellow GPs frowning, I know that we are being disruptive. And whenever I see my patients arranging their own care, I know that we have achieved our goal. TWIHC has a keen eye for quality and common sense. It’s a joy to watch.

Patrick Demmenie

Focusing on the user instead of the product. That’s the sweet spot. Disruptive innovation turns everyone’s thinking upside down. And we’re doing it all for users, customers, citizens, policyholders, patients; for people like you and me. TWIHC is radically changing healthcare in a digital, sustainable way - forever.

Anke Versluis

Why make it difficult, when it can also be easy? That's TWIHC for me. Simple care solutions that make the customer or patient king again. For TWIHC I am involved in research into the developed healthcare innovations, in order to contribute to reliable, comprehensible and easily accessible care. This is what makes me happy!

Kyma Schnoor

As a junior scientific researcher, responsible for the scientific validation of TWIHC's innovations. Kyma is part of the Scientific Team of NeLL that is specialized in doing research on innovative (digital) health tools and systems.