Why do I still use paper in my practice?

Janice (53), general practitioner

Why can’t I do that myself?

Estelle (28), self-employed

Why do I still need to go to a healthcare provider?

Mustafa (67), retired

Twihc is currently working on four production lines:


HomeLab makes it possible to organize healthcare digitally. This means that care can become a lot more efficient, both for the care recipient and for care professionals.

Why is my tummy always aching?

Anna (9)

student group 6


Using DirectLab, consumers can purchase diagnostic tests for STDs and health checks, among other things.

Why shouldn’t we monitor our own health ourselves?

Matthias (48) en Karen (46)

married for 19 years


ConsultLab gives care recipients the opportunity to contact care professionals whenever and wherever they want, online, at any time of the day or night.

Why isn't my doctor online when I'm free?

Michel (39)



Big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are allowing us at DataLab to spot trends and develop a system for optimum personalized health care and/or health advice.

Why doesn’t healthcare make better use of data?

Said (52)

IT professional

Current projects at TWIHC DataLab:

  • Better detection and prevention of diabetes during pregnancy. Using big data and artificial intelligence, TWIHC DataLab is working on more selective and focused forms of testing.
  • Predictive model for the occupancy of maternity wards, based on data mining..
  • TWIHC DataLab is currently testing a smart tool that will help people with thyroid disorders to dose their medication themselves, effectively and safely.